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At Two Very Different Meetings, Ingush Recall the Past and Present in Very Different Ways

Paul Goble

            Staunton, October 30 – Two very other conferences took position in Ingushetia today, one concerning the 1992 Prigorodny clash among Ingushetia and North Ossetia attended by means of way of 1000 of us and addressed by means of way of officers but now not sufferers and a moment about political repressions previous and show attended by means of way of 70 and proposing the feedback of sufferers and their descendants.

            The occasions of the autumn of 1992 within the Prigorodny district hold to dominate Ingush pondering now not basically resulting from the injustice of that area now not being again to Ingushetia after the country was allowed to return from deportation but in addition resulting from the variations in population density among the NULL republics.

            In Russia as a whole, there are approximately 8.5 of us per sq. kilometer but this determine varies widely: In Ingushetia, there are 140 of us per sq. kilometer whereas in North Ossetia it…

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