> Rendang Recipe and Some Tips for Soft Rendang Meat

Rendang Recipe and Some Tips for Soft Rendang Meat


'Rendang' is one of the most popular menus in restaurants or in the padang dining. This menu does have its own charm and delicacy which where if we are smart in the processing can make us become eager to eat.

Many recipes and ways to make rendang are meat tender, most people of course use a way to boil meat very long time, that believed will be cooked rendang soft . But it turns out the way is less effective
Following steps to make rendang with soft meat:

1. Flattened

Flattened beef, goat or buffalo before cooking is the simplest trick. But, unlike boiling that takes a very long time. Only, this trick can only be applied to some cuisine menu only, rendang, yellow spicy meat or the like. Substance is a dish that uses meat pieces are not too thick. The trick is very easy. Before cooking, beat the meat with a jagged beater until it becomes slightly flattened. After that, the meat is ready to cooked with spices according to taste.  

2. Coat the meat with pineapple fruit that has been mashed 

Unlike the previous way, using a pineapple that has been mashed (can be grated or blended), you can cook any kind of meat and thick as anything, guaranteed to be tender. And, most importantly, cooking does not take a long time. But for these tips must use a young pineapple. Therefore, the pineapple is still easy to have a lot of enzyme bromelin enzymes decompose fiber of beef, goat or buffalo. That way, the meat we cook will quickly become tender. The trick, after washed clean, coat the entire surface of the meat with a pineapple that has been smoothed yellow. Let stand between 20 minutes and 30 minutes. After that, washed clean so that the taste of pineapple lost, freshly cooked.

3. Wrap with papaya leaves

This is a way that people often use to make rendang. Before the papaya leaf wrap the meat was smeared first by spices to soak. Then simply let stand for approximately 45 minutes to hour.

The next step is to start cooking rendang, the following ingredients and how to cook Rendang:

Meat Rendang Ingredients:

     500 grams of body scrub, cut in about 12 parts
     2 pieces of turmeric leaves
     2 orange leaves
     lemon grass, crushed
     1 deaf fruit
     roasted grated coconut 2 tablespoons
     coconut milk 1000-1500 ml from 2 coconut
     cooking oil 2 tablespoons

Recipe Seasoning Rendang Meat:

     onion 10 grains
     garlic 6 cloves
     150 grams of red chili
     cayenne pepper to taste
     candlenut 5 grains
     cumin 1/2 teaspoon
     coriander 1 teaspoon
     turmeric 1/2 cm
     ginger 1 cm
     salt to taste

How To Make Meat Rendang:
Heat oil, saute fine spices, turmeric leaves, lime leaves, lemongrass and deaf to fragrant.
Enter the meat, stirring until it changes color.
Pour the coconut milk and add roasted grated coconut, cook over medium heat, stirring slowly until boiling.
Reduce the heat, cook until the meat is cooked, greasy and browned.
Fly and serve.

Good luck .. !!!!!!!