> Recipe 'Roti Maryam/Fried Bread' From Saudi Arabia

Recipe 'Roti Maryam/Fried Bread' From Saudi Arabia


The recipe of 'Bread Maryam' is typical of Saudi Arabia. Maryam's bread (read: Mariyam) is soft in Arabic or often called soft Canai Bread (read: Cane) in India. Usually served with curry (chicken, goat or curry cow). Now you can make yourself at home, the following recipe of soft maryam bread is complemented by the easy way to make it:

Ingredients :

500 gr high protein flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
200 ml of water
2 btr eggs
80 ml of cooking oil for the dough
100 ml of cooking oil for dye
50 gr margarine / butter
How to make :- Add all ingredients except margarine in the bread maker then knead for 15 minutes until smooth, then let stand for 15 minutes- For average dough each @ 50 gr, round and dip in 30 minutes oil- Flatten and spread the dough, spread with butter, then roll long. After that circular shape- Place on a hot pan that has been hot and give a little cooking oil, press-tap with sutil to widen, do until cooked brownish yellow- Serve while warm with curry or curry