> Hainan Chicken Recipe

Hainan Chicken Recipe


One type of processed chicken that is quite popular in Indonesia and several countries in other southeast asia. Hainanese chicken recipe itself comes from the Hainan tribe in China. At first the Chinese hainanese chickens use thick fleshy chickens, but as they spread, hainanese chicken recipes began to be affected by other cultures. In Singapore, where the hainan cock is so popular, the chicken used is slightly more crispy and thinner than the original recipe.

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Processed chicken is very little to use cooking oil is very fitting for those of you who are low-fat diet. In addition to low-fat cooking is also much use of a good spice for heart health, namely garlic and ginger. If you are bored with the dish of fried chicken, then processed hainan chicken can be an alternative. The way of processing is boiled will provide a new sensation when eating.

For the selection of chicken for more quickly tender, should be used chicken that is not too old and female. If the chicken is difficult to find, can also be replaced with ordinary broiler chicken. It's just that if you use broiler chickens, the process of piercing chicken with a fork is not necessary because broiler chickens can be tender with the usual boiling process.

Hainan Chicken Recipe

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1 chicken, clean up
3 stems of red onion leaf
5 cm ginger, crushed
5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 cucumber fruit
1000 water
5 tbsp cooking oil
3 leaves of parsley
1 tbsp salt
1 teaspoon flavor
5 tablespoons sesame oil

How to make

1. Cut chicken into 4 parts, poke with a fork to make it easier to tender.
2.Rebus chicken for 30 minutes, drain.
3. Set aside the boiling broth.
4. Sauté the ginger until fragrant, enter the chicken and broth.
5. Enter the shallot, cook until chicken is really soft.
6. Lift the chicken, sprinkle with sesame oil. Cut while warm. 
7. Serve with boiled sauce, pickled cucumber and parsley.