> 4 Thai Foods are Halal and Delicious When You Have Vacation in Thailand

4 Thai Foods are Halal and Delicious When You Have Vacation in Thailand


Thailand is one of ASEAN countries which is a tourist destination for foreign tourists.
Thailand has a different appeal to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia which is also a favorite tourist destination.

The difference lies in the tourist attraction in Thailand. Most attractions in Thailand have a natural theme that presents a beautiful landscape.

If you intend on holiday to Thailand of course you should taste typical Thai food. Especially for Muslim tourists is usually quite difficult to find halal food while on vacation.
Here I recommend the 4 halal Thai food that can be your culinary tour if you are on holiday in Thailand.

1. Tom Yum Goong

Maybe you are familiar with this typical Thai food, but feel the tom yung directly from Thailand will definitely give a different taste and sensation.Characteristic of tom yum is this food is made of crunchy shrimp then mixed with various types of spices. The taste of this dish is salty, sweet, sour and spicy mixed together and has a fresh sensation when eating it.

2. Gang Keow Wan

This one food is one of the target of the tourists who want to taste the culinary of Thailand. Because it seems like you will have difficulty if you want to find similar foods in other countries.
Gang keow wan also called Thai green curry, this food is a kind of curry that has an unusual sauce that is green.
This curry has a few pieces like chicken pieces, bamboo shoots, lemongrass, lengkoas and eggplant that usually served with a plate of warm rice.

3. Gang Som Pak Ruam

Gang som pack rash is a soup type food that has a sweet and spicy taste. This soup is made from cabbage, green beans and carrots as the main ingredient.
This food is usually served with omelet and other green vegetables, this soup is commonly known as fusion soup. The sweet, sour and spicy flavor of this soup is believed to get you excited after eating it.
If you are interested in going to Thailand, this soup can be found in Thanom Rangnam Road area.

4. Khao Na Pet

Khao Na Pet is a typical Thai roasted duck culinary, in fact the appearance of roasted duck is not much different from the duck in other countries. What makes it different is the taste, perhaps because of the different spices that are used and usually khao na pet served with the duck soup.